Outdoor sport surfaces

Outdoor sport surfaces Outdoor sport surfaces Outdoor sport surfaces Outdoor sport surfaces Outdoor sport surfaces

Global Sport LLC is proud of its outdoor tartan surfaces which keep pace with the latest trends, technologies and procedures used in sport surface industries. There are numerous special athletic and multifunctional sport systems in our range which are always installed according to the highest quality expectations all over the world. The main criteria are that our staff are properly trained so that they could fulfil perfect installations using the manufacturers’ knowledge and their competence using our modern tools and equipments. Our team build the pitches layers by layers according to the technical and the customer’s requirements. With more than twenty years of experience is our guarantee for quality. Our slogan is: „Global Sport – where sport and construction industry meet!”

We give our promise for the followings:

  • will keep constantly high quality under any weather temperatures
  • non slippery, water permeable systems
  • highly durable
  • wide range of possible colours
  • dust and dirt resistant
  • perfect adhesion to sub base
  • timeless, perfect quality

Outdoor surface systems

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Quote us today! Not only do we build sport surfaces but we provide wide range of landscaping turfs! Either for terraces, wedding ceremonies, in gardens or playgrounds we offer overall implementation according to your needs.