Playground surfaces

Playground surfaces

We undertake several playground systems according to your special needs. One of the best systems is the paved EDPM or the prefabricated modular systems. Both are suitable for playgrounds and private yards.

Advantages of the paved EPDM surface:

  • seamless
  • dimensionally stable
  • can be installed manually or with machines
  • more than 25 colours optional, can be varied within one area
  • UV stable
  • durable
  • water permeable
  • dual safety

Advantages of the prefabricated modular system:

  • ÉMI certified
  • resilient
  • resistant to environmental impacts
  • shock absorbing
  • anti-slippery
  • easy and fast installation
  • no maintenance needed
  • cleaned by running water

The third kind of playground surfaces is the artificial grass with rubber shock pad. This system is suitable for playgrounds, yards and sport facilities. This type of floors is long lasting, safe, requires minimal maintenance, available in several colours and can be cut to unique sizes. Different shapes and figures can be installed according to your needs.

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Quote us today! Not only do we build sport surfaces but we provide wide range of landscaping turfs! Either for terraces, wedding ceremonies, in gardens or playgrounds we offer overall implementation according to your needs.