Sport equipments

Sport equipments

Global Sport LLC. is not only familiar with sport surfaces but also has enormous experience in purchasing of sport equipments. We work with several well known European suppliers, who can guarantee the best quality. We have a wide range of products for our customers’ satisfaction by giving advices as well. We sell only the best products in order to ensure that doing any sports make a good experience.

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Product list:

  • goals
  • protection nets
  • grandstands
  • PE equipments for schools
  • athletic tools and equipments

Ovi-Sport pitch accessories:

  • Medusa (2 db.)
  • Skimmy (2 db.)
  • Agility ring (1 szett.)
  • Bounce back hurdle (10 cm - 4 db.)
  • Bounce back hurdle (16 cm - 4 db.)
  • Agility ladder (10 fokú - 1 db.)
  • Cone and pole set (23 cm magas - 4 db.)
  • Dome marker (50 db.)
  • Scrimages (10 db.)
  • Foam noodles (4 db.)
  • Cone (8 db.)
  • Plastic poles (4db.)
  • Ball (4 db.)

Az Ovi-Sport pitch accessories price: gross 294 005.- HUF

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Quote us today! Not only do we build sport surfaces but we provide wide range of landscaping turfs! Either for terraces, wedding ceremonies, in gardens or playgrounds we offer overall implementation according to your needs.