Pitch maintenance

Pitch maintenance

Global Sport LLC., with more than two and a half decades of experience, undertakes overall maintenance of artificial turf pitches. Using our own machinery your pitch will become brighter and greener then before!

Our maintenance services include the followings:

  • brushing – standing the piles upwards
  • decompactation – loosening the compacted infill materials
  • deep cleaning – removing debris
  • this is done by taking the infill material off from the turf and reinfill after being cleaned
  • reinfill – filling the necessary amount of silica sand and rubber granules evenly by a rotating brush
  • after care brushing – leave the pitch in its best condition by brushing the entire surface

We are happy to help every single day of the week!

Quote us today! Not only do we build sport surfaces but we provide wide range of landscaping turfs! Either for terraces, wedding ceremonies, in gardens or playgrounds we offer overall implementation according to your needs.