Landscaping surfaces

Landscaping surfaces

Check out the huge landscaping turf range at Global Sport LLC. Are you bored with mowing the lawn? Dogs keep digging the grass out? Or you simply would like to decorate your home and its surroundings? The best option is the Global landscaping turf range! Artificial turf for everyday use is the cheapest option as it does not need and special maintenance. Forget the fertilisers, irrigation and mowing. It will never get yellow and dry out. It can be chilling or hot dog days the landscaping turf stays the same. Due to its durable composition it will not be worn, there will be no divots and it is absolutely children friendly. Choosing our landscaping qualities you will be proud of your garden every day. Use it on terraces, halls, gardens or on the entire yard, at Global Sport you can find dozens of nice and vivid qualities. We can fulfil overall installations for you! Please contact our specialists with confidence!

Most common and preferred areas of installation:

  • Outdoor cover for wedding ceremonies
  • Covering playgrounds, playing areas
  • Balconies and roof terraces
  • Roof coverings
  • For winter gardens
  • Lobbies
  • Gardens, around swimming pools
  • Green corners
  • Halls
  • Public places, parks

We are always happy to help You!

Besides sports surfaces, we also provide a wide range of artificial landscaping turfs even with installation services. Are You on choosing artificial turfs for your terrace, garden or playground? Contact us and we will help You to find the best solution!